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Although many people love to travel with dogs, finding pet friendly accommodation can be a hassle when travelling in the Kimberley. 

Few caravan parks in Broome will accept dogs. Click here for information on pet friendly caravan parks in Broome. Options outside of Broome include Roebuck Plains Roadhouse, Barn Hill Station (128km south of Broome), Port Smith Caravan Park (160km south of Broome) and Manari Beaches. Dogs/pets are not allowed anywhere on the Dampier Peninsula. 



It is possible to drive the Gibb River Road with your dog. However, not all stations and campsites are dog friendly, and national park restrictions along the way will mean that you will be unable to visit certain areas.


If you are travelling with a dog or pet, accommodation is available at the following stations:

  • Ellenbrae Station

  • Mt Elizabeth Station

  • El Questro

  • Mt Barnett and Manning Gorge


Dogs are not allowed at the following stations and campsites on the Gibb River Road:

  • Home Valley Station

  • Mornington Wilderness Camp 

  • Charnley River Station


Unfortunately, due to national park restrictions, you won’t be able to visit the following attractions with a dog:

  • Mitchell Falls and Mitchell Plateau

  • Bell Gorge and Lennard Gorge

  • Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek



If you are traveling with a pet and want to leave them for a short time at a boarding kennel or pet motel, there are facilities in Broome. 

  • The Broome Veterinary Hospital (08 9192 1319)

  • Broome Pet Motel (08 9193 5384)



Another thing to be aware of is that you will be traveling in a remote outback region. To make sure your dog is well looked after make sure you plan ahead and think about the following issues that can affect their health and safety. 

  • Snakes

  • Ticks and insects

  • Crocodiles in rivers and waterholes

  • Extreme heat and humidity

  • Cattle

  • Poison baits in stations and national parks