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During the wet season (November - April) Broome experiences heavy, short downpours of rain, usually in the afternoons or late evening. It is still hot though, with average temperatures ranging between 25 – 33.6°C. November is the hottest month of the year with high levels of humidity, even at night. Between January and March it is the monsoon season, which can bring rain and possible flooding and cyclones. Average rainfall during this time is 463.7mm and thunderstorms with spectacular lightning displays are common.



During the dry season (May - October) Broome experiences warm days and clear blue skies with temperatures ranging from 17 - 30.8°C. Humidity levels are low and the nights are cool. There is little rain at this time of the year. From mid June to mid August is the most popular time to visit Broome as all roads and attractions are usually open at this time.

Situated in the north west region of Western Australia, the Kimberley has a tropical climate, defined by a wet and a dry season. The wet season generally lasts from November until April, while the dry season runs from May until October.